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My ultimate goal is to spend my 80,000 working hours with a lasting effect on our world.Β I believe that technology is there to solve problems, so let's start with engineering today, for a better planet.

Currently on a mission to build the largest AI Ecosystem in Europe together with appliedAI and IPAI at Heilbronn. Working as an AI Engineer with our partners on value-adding AI projects.

I believe in a more enlightened world where there are less prejudices against new perspectives and upcoming technology, so I do my best to contribute to a world where access to high quality educational content is not restricted to the priviledged only. See my Open-Source projects below.

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πŸš€ Currently building …

the largest EU AI ecosystem Heilbronn with @appliedAI.

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β€œEven forcing a fake smile can legitimately reduce stress and lower your heart rate.” (Dr. Sivan Finkel)

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